Who works at the casino, what professions and positions exist in the world of gambling – not every inhabitant knows. For a gambling house to function properly, it takes at least 10 different services.

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The croupier is the face of a gambling establishment. His business card. In English, this profession is called “dealer”. Dealers are the largest group of casino employees. The casino in Minsk employs about a thousand dealers. The dealer’s task is to play by the rules established by the casino.


Dealers can be promoted to inspector, supervisor or floor man. The task of these three positions, which are only slightly different from each other, is to observe the game, control and guarantee compliance with the rules.


The Pitboss is a management position. The duties of the pitboss include both observation of the game situation in the hall and solving specific game situations, setting up the work of dealers and other staff under the supervision of the pitboss.

Shift Manager

Shift Manager – Supervises everyone during a specific period of time at the casino. The shift manager is fully responsible for everything that happens during his shift.

General Manager

General Manager – The chief manager of the casino. And that says it all.


Guardian – To ensure the safety of the company requires a qualified security service. According to how security works – how it is invisible in a quiet environment and how quickly and clearly reacts in case of problems – often judged throughout the organization of the casino.

Reception service

Reception service – At the entrance of each guest is greeted by staff (often staff) of the reception service. Often they are called the word Reception. These employees are responsible for meeting the guest, registering and informing customers about various issues related to the casino.


Waiter – a very important position in the casino hall. Through the waiter, the casino maintains contact with the bar and restaurant. The waiter serves the players and requires speed and diligence.

CCTV service

CCTV service – the whole casino hall is controlled by the CCTV service. CCTV operator not only watches what is happening in real time, but also can scroll the video back and check the controversial point.


Cashier – Responsible position of cashier provides work with money and chips, accounting assets of a gambling establishment.

In addition to the above-described positions, there are also different professions in the casino in Minsk. In any case, work at a casino is well paid, but requires a lot of effort.