Croupier profession

Croupier profession

The croupier is a kind of gambling administrator who presents the game, conducts it, gives out the winnings and collects the lost bets.

Usually, the profession of croupier is chosen by young and confident people who love casinos and want to make a career in the gaming business. This is not surprising, because starting as a croupier, you can grow up to a pit boss (a senior casino croupier who watches the games and controls the rules of the game) in just a few years. However, in order to make such a career leap, you must first master the chosen specialty and become one of the best among his colleagues.


  • announcing the game rules;
  • organization of its members;
  • acceptance of bets;
  • control of compliance with the rules;
  • cash awarding or picking up losers’ bets;
  • termination of the game.

It is no secret that at the moment employers place quite high demands on croupier positions. This is due to the fact that such an employee is usually the “face” of the casino and often depends on the level of its professionalism depends on the number of visitors.

Professional croupiers with knowledge of English is in demand in casinos around the world. In addition, there is the prospect of getting on one of the many cruise ships, which also have gaming establishments.


  • excellent physical health and endurance – working “on your feet” often in poorly lit and smoky areas;
  • high stress tolerance – to be able to bear the emotional outbursts of players in cold blood;
  • mathematical stack of mind – for quick calculation of sums of money and numbers;
  • eloquence and presentable appearance – in order to position the client for the game.

Do you want to learn this interesting and gambling profession and become a croupier? Then start with special courses. Because in this case, in a couple of months, you will be able to get a profession in demand that will help you find a job that meets your needs.

Salaries of casino employees

Salary in the casino consists of two parts: it is a salary and “tips” (tip). Losing the casino does not affect the salary – on the contrary, the winners leave a generous tip, which is divided among all the employees of the shift. Round-the-clock large casino always “beat” the lost money easily in a short period of time, the very system of casino work – the money to take away, not pay.

Croupier profession

Not without reason, for example, on roulette, where the payment of the winning numbers is 1 to 35, the numbers on the wheel 36 (ie, if you put all the numbers, the casino will still remain in the prize money). I started as a croupier’s apprentice with a salary of about $ 200, about as much or a little more went out tips. A couple of years later, when I became an inspector, the permanent salary was 500 dollars and about 600 – tip. My last income as a shift manager was more solid – 2,200 plus about 3,000 tips and bonuses.

A typical casino client – who is he?

Casinos are usually located next door or in the same building as a nightclub, so at night there are a lot of happy and excited people who want to have a good time (and lose extra money). Of course, almost all visitors want to win, and the more people come, the more winners, but the game process is so exciting that often after a while people do not know whether they win or lose. They are excited, and they don’t care about anything if they still have some money in their pockets. In general, the casino has a special, exciting atmosphere: half darkness, light only above the tables, muted music, rustling money and chips, joyful screams after winning and tragic sobs if you lose …

In some famous TV quiz did not guess the question – where is never a clock and windows? It’s a casino! Visitors should not see the clock in front of their eyes and should not know what time it is outside the window – so they lose the sense of time and can leave more money in the casino.

Shortcomings with croupier work


The most important thing for the croupier is a stable nervous system, as stressful situations are common in casinos. In a fast game, the payment of bets is made every 1-2 minutes, so the brain works continuously.

It is the dealer’s responsibility to keep track of situations where the player is trying to cheat, that is, to play a dishonest game.

Man casino lose

Croupier should be able to manage his mood, so as not to exacerbate the conflict when casino visitors behave aggressively under the influence of emotions. Sometimes players use such obscene expressions, which is not even known cobbler from a well-known saying. Calm down, the same person can apologize for the rude behavior and leave a tip.

When moving to another table, the croupier must switch instantly, forgetting all the bad emotions to joke, compliment and create a good mood to other players who came to the casino to have fun, not to swear.

In decent casinos, the aggression of players against the dealer is stopped. There is a metal detector at the entrance, there is always a security guard in the hall, and players who have no control over their actions can get a blacklist, which means a temporary or permanent ban on visiting the casino.

However, there are dangerous situations. In the early nineties in Russian casinos there were fights and gangster gunfights. The dealer could throw cards, chips and anything that came into hand. In Turkey, gambling establishments were banned in August 1997, after one of the visitors opened fire. Now Turkish casinos work only in large hotels, and the local population is not allowed to enter.

Shifting work schedule

Working at night or on a floating schedule is hard enough on its own. There are also overtime – extra hours of work after shift, when the casino “bison” (slang term from the English word busy – ed.).

Bad habits

Casino people

Croupiers smoke, drink too much coffee or alcohol in the morning after shift with colleagues. Of course, it depends a lot on the person, but when you get to the casino, usually at a young age, many give in to the herd feeling and then can not stop. Some are tempted to play for money. Almost all the dealers have tried to be on the other side of the table at least once out of curiosity, but sometimes it becomes a real addiction when they lose their entire monthly salary and live in debt. Working in a casino like a drug can break a man if he has no purpose and no inner core.